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Canada’s Official System of Record for Importers

Come October 21, 2024, whether you have one shipment into Canada or many, you will be impacted. The CBSA Assessment Revenue Management (CARM) program will become the official system of record for the collection of duties and taxes in Canada. As an importer you must register for the CARM Client Portal, and delegate authority to your Customs Broker(s).

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What are the Payment Options in CARM?

Businesses do not have to start paying duties and taxes directly to the CBSA with their registration in CARM, nor come it’s full implementation – Release 2 (R2) in October 21, 2024. The payment options you have in place with your customs broker can continue e.g. broker-direct.

There are now two types of payment options.

  1. Importer Direct – importer pays duty and tax direct to CBSA through the CARM Client Portal.
  2. Broker Direct – broker pays duty and tax to CBSA on the importer’s behalf.

Payment Cycles of CARM

As of Release 2, new billing cycles and payment due dates will be introduced.


The SOA will be generated in the CARM Client Portal on the 25th day of each month.


Payments will be due 10 business days (holidays included) after the 17th of the calendar month.


The Correction Period allows for interest-free corrections to your Commercial Accounting Declaration (CAD). It starts on CAD submission day and ends on payment due date.


The Adjustment Period starts on payment due date. Please note that adjustments to your CAD at this stage (after the Correction Period) may be subject to CBSA review.

CARM Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with the GHY CARM team, and their guidance has proved invaluable. Their expertise regarding requirements for the Canadian government’s initiative ensured our company is well-prepared for upcoming changes. We’re grateful for such a knowledgeable partner.”

Laurie Montizambert, CCS, Price Industries
“Sarah, a big thank you for being on the call and providing your CARM expertise. Paul and I will want to stay in touch with you so we can get it right. And certainly, we want to bring the new assistant controller on and train them right away. I wish our other brokers were as open to meet and walk us through this thing.”
Cynthia Dixon, LCB , Roquette America

“Let me start with saying that the CARM Open Mic webinar was really helpful.  I know it wasn’t the exact content that you intended (thank you CBSA…lol), it was still very impactful.  Great job!”

Krista Grzandziel, National Gypsum

Your CARM Ambassadors

How GHY can help you navigate CARM.

Introducing Our CARM & Special Projects Manager – Sarah Marcotte

Navigating the complexities of the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) program can be a daunting task, especially with the diverse trade dynamics it faces, including eCommerce and multiple transport modes. At GHY, we go beyond being trade specialists; we are Certified Trade Compliance Specialists (CTCS) and CARM Ambassadors who are dedicated to understanding your unique business needs.

With Sarah Marcotte, our expert CARM & Special Projects Manager, and our CARM Team we are committed to crafting tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate CARM into your importing processes.

Embrace the changes confidently, without disruption to your operations or delays in your imports. Let GHY be your guide as you navigate CARM and shape outcomes that best suit your business.

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Our CARM & Special Projects Manager is here to answer your questions and guide you through every step!u.

CARM Updates

White Paper:

Getting on Board with CARM: How It Will Impact Your Supply Chain

Dive into this White Paper and learn everything you need to know about CARM. We unpack all the details as to why CBSA is making this monumental change, timelines you need to be aware of, why this matters to all importers, steps in setting up your CARM account, and how to minimize your compliance risk and maximize your business opportunities. This is a go-to for all importers and members of the trade community; an invaluable resource to guide you through one of the biggest changes that CBSA has ever made.

White Paper - Getting on Board with CARM: How it Will Impact Your Supply Chain


We’re here to take the guesswork out of CARM compliance and make sure you’re on top of things. Read our answers to the most pressing questions that importers asked during our previous CARM webinars.


We regularly host CBSA officials and trade industry experts to discuss CARM updates and questions. Get access to our previous webinar recordings and stay tuned for our upcoming events.

Open Mic on CARM

CARM In Effect: Navigate CBSA’s Biggest Change for Importers

CARM Webinar 1 – February 4, 2021

CARM Webinar 2 – March 17, 2021

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