GHY & MLT Aikins Joint Webinar:

Exporting to the U.S.? Legal and Customs Issues for Canadian Ag Manufacturers

GHY’s Presenter/Facilitator Biographies

Robert (Bob) Cowie
Vice President | Global Trade Services

Bob is one of the longest serving associates at GHY, joining the company in 1972, where he was mentored by the previous generation of the company’s leaders. Bob is also one one of the most accomplished experts in the garment and textile trade in Canada, with extensive knowledge of customs regulations and customer requirements.

Robert, or known to everyone as Bob, works closely with GHY International’s Canadian and U.S. clients and account management teams to streamline processes and reduce complexities related to customs regulations. He is well-renowned in the Manitoba region for his skill, energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to solving problems with creative and effective solutions.

Corie Koropatnicki, LCB, CCS
Customer Care Manager

Corie is a 25+ year veteran to the customs brokerage industry, she joined GHY USA in 1996 and has never left. Her various positions at GHY USA have provided vast opportunity to create and cultivate lasting relationships with importers, exporters, and trade professionals across many industry sectors as well as US Customs officials at every level. In her current role as Customer Care Manager, she consistently promotes the creation and cultivation of the same lasting relationships she is enjoyed over the last 26 years.

Corie is a coach and teacher who has a multi-faceted skillset that can transition from leadership, to support, to execution depending on the requirement of the situation. She often refers to herself as “lazy” but, is driven to find an easier more effective way to accomplish the same result.

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