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  • Valuation - An Introduction (Webinar)

    Wednesday, Sept 30th 11:30-12:30 CST
    Presented by Rhonda Galbraith

    Everything you need to know about the basics of Valuation. Understand areas of valuation that are complex & often misunderstood.

    Event Description

    In a changing regulatory environment, and a ‘reserve-depleted government’, we anticipate higher degrees of penalty enforcements.  As such, GHY has created a new business service and structure to support businesses who will be needing these types of services both proactively and reactively.

    We believe this webinar will be valuable to all importers. At time of an audit importers are most responsible for tariff, origin and valuation. 

    Tariff can be subjective and origin can be influenced by an incorrect certificate declaration.  But valuation is a responsibility that rests firmly on the shoulders of the ‘importer of record’.

    Many importers do not validate the customs declarations processed by their customs broker to their receiving reports or what they paid to the supplier.  Other factors like transfer pricing, assists, and eligible deductions must factor into the checks and balances that will be front in center at time of a customs audit.

    Determining the correct value of your product can be complicated. This webinar will introduce importers to the basics of valuation, providing a step by step introduction to the valuation methods, their criteria and examples. It will bring understanding to areas of valuation that are often misunderstood or overlooked, thus ensuring the correct value is being declared to CBSA.

    This new area is being led by Rhonda Galbraith a former Senior Customs Valuation Auditor with more than 3 decades of experience. GHY know the valuation risk is very real and want to ensure that our clients have a chance to benefit from the finest of services whether you are dealing reactively, or hopefully, proactively.


    What will this Webinar provide?

    • Valuation rules 
    • Valuation methods
    • Transaction Value
    • Additions/deductions
    • Customs value of imported goods    

    Who will this Webinar benefit?

    Anyone involved with valuing or importing goods into Canada.

    How to attend?

    This Webinar will be hosted and delivered through our Webinar software online through GoToWebinar Please register here.

    Who will be presenting and when?

    Please join Rhonda Galbraith, Manager, Global Trade Services  for this 45-minute (15-minute Q&A) webinar on Wednesday, Sept 30th, 2020 @ 11:30-12:30 CST.


    $30.00 CAD

    Rhonda Galbraith

    Manager, Global Trade Services

    Rhonda’s experience in Customs spans over 28 years as a Senior Officer Trade Compliance, in the Trade Operations Division with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). She has worked as an educator to CBSA officers in Valuation, Tariff Classification, and Origin for a number of years, acquiring extensive knowledge in these areas. Rhonda is an advocate for and champions providing clients a 360 review to ensure trade compliance.