Canada Trade Services

Our Global Trade Services (GTS) are designed to assist traders to simplify their supply chain, ensure customs compliance, avoid financial risk and save on their bottom line.

Compliance Services

GHY can assist in responding to post entry inquiries from CBSA or another Participating Government Agency (PGA), whether it is regarding SIMA (anti-dump duty), USMCA verifications, or CBSA Trade Verification Audits.
If you find a discrepancy in the information reported for a shipment, GHY can assist you with the process required to correct it with CBSA. Common discrepancies to be corrected or updated are:

  • Tariff classification;
  • Country of origin;
  • Quantity;
  • Value;
  • Free Trade Agreements, etc.
If you find a discrepancy in a range of shipments which could lead to potential penalties or interest, GHY experts can assist with voluntary disclosure to CBSA of non-compliance to avoid or reduce the potential penalties and/or interest.
If you receive a penalty from CBSA or another PGA, GHY experts can assist with filing an appeal to remove it.
GHY will file a single submission to CBSA to cover a 12-month period of shipments that need to be updated. Certain goods can require changes to import information on an ongoing basis, after importation.

  • Bulk products
  • Diverted products
  • Intercompany Transfer Values

Trade Services

If your product is complex and difficult to classify or determine country of origin, GHY can assist you with obtaining a written ruling from CBSA regarding classification, valuation, country of origin, Free Trade Agreements, Origin marking, or GST status.

International Trade Agreement Services

Canada has 14 Free Trade Agreements with 52 different countries. Do you know if your product may qualify for free trade preferential rates? Need help managing vendor certificates or certification? GHY can assist with:

You could qualify to import goods without paying any duties if they are subsequently either exported in same or similar condition or processed or assembled into a finished article that is then exported. GHY can assist you in determining your qualification and which program is right for you:

Customs Bonded Warehouse Program

  • Duty is deferred until the goods are removed from the warehouse

Duties Relief Program

  • Duty is relieved on goods specifically imported for re-export

Drawback Program

CBSA offers programs to low risk importers with the benefits of better access to CBSA expertise, reducing your risk score, and saving time for you at the border. If you are interested in becoming a Trusted Trader, GHY can assist you with the membership application process.

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Companies must exercise greater care than ever to ensure their activities are compliant with all applicable trade laws/regulations and take preventative or corrective measures as needed.

We can help safe guard your reporting systems and processes to protect against costly financial penalties and ensure you maintain a first-rate compliance profile with Customs.

Our Global Trade Services (GTS) Team with over 30 years of average trade experience, protects and enhances every clients business with customized, tailored solutions.

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