Project Description

Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Certificate Management Program

Fourteen free trade agreements have been ratified by the Canadian governments and the United States has fourteen free trade agreements with twenty countries. Taking advantage of international free trade agreements has never been so important.

What Are the Steps?

Step 1 – FTA Eligibility

  • Compare rules of origin
  • Evaluate eligibility based on new agreements
  • Vendor review on origin for critical components
  • Create master certificate of origin & keep updated

Step 2 – FTA Validation/Review

  • HTS Classification for finished goods & component parts

  • Country of Origin
  • Bill of Material Costs
  • Identification of current free trade agreement qualification method
    • Tariff shift
    • Regional value content
    • De Minimis

Step 3 – FTA Maintenance

  • Update internal operating systems & master lists

  • Update trading partners
  • Update Customers
  • Constantly review & monitor

Step 4 – Ask for Help from an Expert

At GHY, We Free Trade™ and can provide full free trade agreement compliance review focused on the following:

  • Eligibility tools and guidelines to special trade programs
  • Supplier certificate of origin solicitation
  • HS validation for finished goods and component parts
  • Free trade agreement auditing and compliance checks
  • Free trade agreement training

Step 5 – Take Advantage of Our Customized Training

Your trade needs are unique, so we ensure to customize our FTA training to meet those needs.

Is your business taking full advantage of the preferred duty rates with FTAs?

We are here to provide an easy path to FTA eligibility, validation/review, maintenance & customized training.

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