Shared Trade Services

Our Global Trade Services (GTS) are designed to assist traders to simplify their supply chain, ensure customs compliance, avoid financial risk and save on their bottom line.

Shared Trade Services

Communication and information are part of the bedrock of any company. GHY can create data reports customized to your needs, whether it be to monitor duty savings based on different Free Trade Agreements, or any other import activity to monitor for compliance.
GHY experts can help you to stay compliant when importing or exporting. We can conduct quarterly review of import data to help identify risk and make suggestions to improve your profile with Customs.
Having the incorrect tariff classification on your product can affect other levels of the import process.

Does it need a license or permit to import? Does it qualify under a free trade agreement?

GHY can assist you by reviewing your product classification for compliance, or for duty reduction or elimination.

Reporting the accurate value of your product is important for correct duty calculation. GHY experts can assist you with reviewing your pricing methodology for compliance.
Most all goods are required to be legibly marked in English the country of origin, with a few exceptions. GHY experts can assist in determining the proper marking method to avoid penalties or shipment delays with Customs.

If your company is looking for cost savings, GHY experts can perform an analysis of import transactions and duty paid to identify opportunities for duty recovery, such as tariff engineering, free trade agreements or a change in sourcing.

Having a knowledgeable team overseeing your Customs activity is vital to ensure compliance. GHY offers on-site training for your team covering a topic of your choosing.
With an increased focus on compliance, the frequency of Customs audits has risen. GHY experts can help you prepare for such an occurrence by coming on-site and performing a mock Customs audit of your records to mitigate risk and liability.

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Companies must exercise greater care than ever to ensure their activities are compliant with all applicable trade laws/regulations and take preventative or corrective measures as needed.

We can help safe guard your reporting systems and processes to protect against costly financial penalties and ensure you maintain a first-rate compliance profile with Customs.

Our Global Trade Services (GTS) Team with over 30 years of average trade experience, protects and enhances every clients business with customized, tailored solutions.

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