US Trade Services

Our Global Trade Services (GTS) are designed to assist traders to simplify their supply chain, ensure customs compliance, avoid financial risk and save on their bottom line.

Compliance Services

GHY experts can assist in responding to post entry inquiries from U.S. CBP, whether it be an official CBPF 28 Request for Information, a USMCA Verification, a CBPF 29 Notice of Action or an informal inquiry.
Find a discrepancy in the data reported for a shipment? GHY will walk you through what is required to make the correction with U.S. CBP. Common reporting errors found are tariff classification, country of origin, quantity, value, Free Trade Agreements, etc.

  • Post Summary Corrections
  • Protests
  • Reconciliation
Find a discrepancy in the data reported across a range of shipments that may result in penalty action by U.S. CBP? GHY will assist with filing a voluntary disclosure to CBP of non-compliance to avoid or reduce potential penalties.
GHY experts can assist in the petitioning of a penalty or liquidated damages claim assessed by U.S. CBP for reduction or cancellation of the claim.

Trade Services

Is your product complex and difficult to classify or determine country of origin? GHY experts can assist with obtaining a written ruling from U.S. CBP. Rulings are available for tariff classification, valuation, country of origin, USMCA or origin marking.
Would you like real-time visibility to your transaction data that has been reported to CBP? GHY can help in setting-up an ACE Portal Account with U.S. CBP. The following are some of the features available with an ACE Portal Account:

  • Access to reports to monitor for compliance issues
  • Create custom reports with the ability to automate
  • Access anti-dumping duties (AD) and Countervailing duties (CVD) commodity data
  • Create blanket entry declarations, such as Non-Reimburse Certificates

International Trade Agreement Services

The U.S. currently has 14 Free Trade Agreements with 20 different countries.

Wonder if your product may qualify for a free trade agreement? Need help managing vendor Certificates?

GHY can assist with:

U.S. Duty Drawback

  • Often recognized as one of the most complex U.S. CBP programs as it involves both imports and exports, GHY offers U.S. Duty Drawback filing to recover up to 99% of duties and fees paid on imported merchandise that’s subsequently either exported in same or similar condition, or processed or assembled into a finished article that is then exported.
  • Find out more about our Duty Drawback Program here.
Interested in priority consideration by U.S. CBP’s Centers of Excellence or reduced CBP examinations?

  • Consider joining CBP’s Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). GHY can assist with the application and implementation process.

Looking for Canada or Shared Trade Services?

We Find Solutions, that Others Don’t.

Companies must exercise greater care than ever to ensure their activities are compliant with all applicable trade laws/regulations and take preventative or corrective measures as needed.

We can help safe guard your reporting systems and processes to protect against costly financial penalties and ensure you maintain a first-rate compliance profile with Customs.

Our Global Trade Services (GTS) Team with over 30 years of average trade experience, protects and enhances every clients business with customized, tailored solutions.

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