Our Service Model

Our service model combines unwavering accountability with adaptability, ensuring your unique trade needs are met seamlessly. Our dedicated team and single point of contact guarantee your success through integrity, transparency, and trust.

It’s Our Promise

Standing Behind What We Do

We are Accountable.

We take immediate action on all declarations and communications within one hour of receipt, ensuring a qualified trade expert with a minimum designation of a Certified Customs Specialist (CCS) audit each and every entry.

Each client has a dedicated Client Care Team, with a single point of contact in their Client Care Manager, who are always only a phone call or email away.

Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to CARE

We are Adaptive.

We enable our clients to act quickly when disruptive issues arise in trade. Having immediate access to reliable trade data required to measure the potential impact of supply chain changes in any industry is paramount, and we provide that.

In the event of issues arising, we guarantee that an executive member will be on-site and/or have a video call with you within 24 hours.

Our Team Design

Streamlining Success in Client Care and Import Excellence

Your Team

Our team design brings efficiency and excellence to the forefront of client service.

The Client Care Manager (CCM) ensures a seamless experience by serving as the single point of accountability for all services, communications, and process improvements, including technology and regulatory matters.

Our Trade Specialist (TS) meticulously maintains databases and conducts final audits on all entries, collaborating closely with you to ensure compliance with import HS and other government agency requirements.

Meanwhile, our Customs Import Specialist (CIS) guarantees the accurate and timely release of all shipments across various modes, prioritizing efficiency and precision.

With this dynamic team in place, you can trust that your import processes will be handled with utmost professionalism and competence.

Global Trade Services Team

GHY’s Global Trade Services (GTS) Team brings over 50 years of trade experience to the table, assisting companies of all sizes in finding customized trade solutions. Their expertise helps establish and maintain compliance programs, save costs, mitigate potential risks, and provide peace of mind.

Our GTS Team offers a wide range of services tailored to your trade needs, including assistance with Free Trade Agreements (FTA), customized training programs, and duty recovery services. We ensure accurate duty recovery through programs covering duty drawback, duty relief, and duty deferral.

Our team also provides formal Customs Rulings on tariff classification, valuation, origin, and marking. As authorized partners, we assist with electronic export documentation submission and conduct comprehensive reviews of import processes to ensure correct declarations.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive trade solutions tailored to your specific needs.

First-Rate Compliance Profile with Customs

GHY is a leading North American Customs Brokerage who manages $16 billion of international trade annually. Since 1901, we’ve been assisting traders to simplify their supply chain, ensure customs compliance, avoid financial risk and save on their bottom line through duty recovery programs.

Helping our clients avoid costly penalties for non-compliance by Customs is priority. Our trade specialists have a minimum of 20 years experience with tariff classification, valuation, origin determination and consulting on the importation and/or exportation of any kind of product you can think of.

We help safeguard our clients’ reporting systems and processes to protect against costly financial penalties and ensure they maintain a first-rate compliance profile with Customs.


Clients are the reason we exist.

We CARE about making it happen for them at each and every touch point – managing transactions every day, being responsive to questions, providing insight and ideas, and stepping up at moments of truth that are business critical.

Associates matter.

We CARE about our people. We care about their well-being by encouraging a healthy work-life balance, providing opportunities for continuous learning, and ensuring all our teams are resourced so they can do the job right every time.

Relentlessly serving traders.

We CARE about creative ways to drive innovation and most importantly, to know and understand our clients and their needs while adapting our shared knowledge to help them succeed in global trade.

Excellence in all we do.

We CARE about creative ways to drive innovation and most importantly, to know and understand our clients and their needs while adapting our shared knowledge to help them succeed in global trade.

Why GHY?

Who We Are

Over 120 Years. Four Generations. One Border.
Our Vision

To be One Border, One Broker™ for North America Importers

Before computers and the Internet, before the Wright brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk, even before the first North American automobile, George Henry Young founded GHY to unbind the chains of supply and help traders prosper.

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