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Our Story

100 Years. Four Generations. One Border.

Before computers and the Internet, before the Wright brothers' first flight at Kitty Hawk, even before the first North American automobile, George Henry Young founded GHY to unbind the chains of supply and help traders prosper.

And while customs compliance, technology and even physical borders have changed over the past century, George Henry Young's vision of a different kind of customs brokerage – one dedicated to personal service, integrity and professionalism – has never waivered.

This is GHY. We Free Trade.

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George Henry Young

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in providing innovative, tailor-made solutions to North American importers and exporters.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of personalized professional international trade services to our clients, whose needs shape all our endeavours.

Our Values

  • Clients are the reason we exist.

    We CARE about making life easier for our clients. From finding better, more efficient ways to bring shipments over the border to stepping up at moments of truth to change the course of someone's day, we are dedicated to our clients and thankful for their business and support.

  • Associates matter.

    We CARE about our people – It’s why we think of ourselves as Associates, not employees. Building a positive workplace culture has been a priority for generations at GHY and we make every effort to ensure manageable levels of stress for all team members – this includes having enough associates to do the job right.

  • Relentless pursuit of improvement.

    We CARE about finding creative ways to drive innovation and push the boundaries of what it means to be a customs broker. Most importantly, we strive to understand our clients and share our collective knowledge to help them succeed at global trade.

  • Excellence in all we do.

    We are committed to going the extra mile to provide the best service and trade solutions possible. To do so, we invest time and resources into training and equip our associates with the technology and tools they need to excel.

The GHY 360 Degrees Approach

We take a big picture approach to help our clients trade more efficiently. This begins with our comprehensive “360 degrees” trade assessment that examines the Financial, Advisory, Compliance, Technology and Service (FACTS) aspects of the business, digging deep to find hidden opportunities.

A Paperless Approach to Business

Over the past ten years we've reduced our paper usage by 64% and reduced our carbon footprint by 20 metric tons per year. This paperless approach has also led to new business processes that are more efficient, flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients and associates. 

One of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies

We would like to thank our clients, associates and coaches for helping us qualify for the eighth consecutive year as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies. We are proud to be the only Platinum Level certified provider of exclusive customs brokerage services in North America. 


One of Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers 

We are proud to have been named, for a second year, a Top 100 Small & Medium Employer in Canada for 2017! This award confirms that we are balancing the eight criteria this competition is judged on exceptionally well and that we have a great environment for associates to invest in their careers at as a destination of choice! We are the only employer which offers exclusive customs brokerage services to be named a Top Employer in 2017.

Case Studies

  • Challenge: Maximize cash flow on regulatory expenses.

    A large multi-national company was processing payments of customs duties and GST at time of release.

    Extended payment terms for significant cash outlays resulted in maximized cash flows for duty and GST remittances.

  • Challenge: Minimize compliance and regulatory risk with CBSA and USCBP.

    Large multi-national corporation that had over 40,000 part numbers to be correctly classified.

    GHY Consulting forensically researched all components and built a database that gave the client confidence their trade was in compliance with the requirements of the US & Canadian border agencies.

  • Challenge: Reduce duties and cost inputs on imported and exported products.

    A Canadian importer and exporter was not taking advantage of duty drawback opportunities on products subsequently exported.

    The importer ultimately recovered duty paid on goods subsequently exported, reducing landed costs.

  • Challenge: A frequent importer has large complex invoices because they import many different products.

    GHY incorporated EDI transmission of data from the source of the data.

    Reduced time to process, relay, and input unique data elements, and transmit entries. different products.

  • Challenge: Paper copies of transactions are difficult to file and search through for large clients utilizing Canadian and US brokerage services.

    GHY eliminated the flow of paper invoices, by automating the invoice process, and providing password protected electronic access to invoice and transaction data.

    Reduced the amount of paper produced, postage paid, storage space required, and time spent retrieving documents for well over 20,000 entries and support information annually.

  • Challenge: Large Multi-National corporation with over 40,000 part numbers that needed to be correctly classified for import or export.

    GHY worked with the client to forensically research and document the tariff classification of all products imported or exported.

    The client imbedded these classifications in their business system and now utilizes to create invoices for commercial and customs clearance purposes.

  • Challenge: Retroactive adjustments are assessed to our clients after CBSA compliance reviews and full audits.

    GHY successfully lobbied for streamlined reporting with CBSA to reduce the time and effort required to comply, by extracting the information from our databanks and aggregating summary spreadsheets that achieve the desired result at a fraction of the cost.

    Saved clients the costs that would have accrued if reporting of post adjustments had to be done on an entry-by entry basis.

  • Challenge: Large multi-national, multi branch company with complicated Nafta tracking and verification requirements.

    GHY provided a customized monthly spreadsheet report that identifies key import related data, including total duty paid by part number for possible recovery via NAFTA, as well as direct access to our NAFTA module so they can track and update NAFTA information as they receive updated or new certificates from suppliers.

    The client paid less duty by having NAFTA certificates for qualifying products and was able to easily identify where additional duty savings could be achieved.

  • Challenge: A large Canadian manufacturer was not able to match up customs costs to individual products at the part number level.

    GHY provided a customized report by part number that was used to isolate specific Customs/ regulatory expenses at a micro level.

    The client used this report to ensure costs are included and appropriately marked up in their final sale price to end-users in Canada and internationally.

  • Challenge: Large Canadian and US-based clients paying duty and taxes at time of release.

    GHY facilitated monthly settlement with CBSA for duty and GST via direct importer security bonding.

    Extended payment terms for significant cash outlays relating to duty and GST.

  • Challenge: A large multi-national vehicle manufacturer was experiencing frustration with their broker due to insufficient technical support, untrained staff, and an uncentralized contact handling their transactions.

    GHY provided access to senior staff members, and assigned a team of well- trained staff to take care of all transactions, and technical support for tariff classification and NAFTA management.

    GHY has helped this client save through NAFTA management and by taking a unified approach to their Canadian and US Customs needs.

  • Challenge: The shipping department of a large manufacturer was spending a lot of time preparing customs paperwork for their shipments to the USA.

    GHY identified time savings for their shipping and logistics departments by migrating to fully electronic reporting of customs information via SmartBorder.

    The resulting time savings to their shipping personnel was in the range of two to three hours each day.

  • Challenge: A high volume importer of small packages had concerns relating to the costs associated with international shipping.

    GHY has a warehouse in Pembina, ND and has arrangements with couriers to provide daily domestic shipping for small packages from the USA.

    The cost of international shipping was reduced substantially.

  • Challenge: A prospective client lacked confidence in the accuracy of their existing tariff classification and origin data.

    GHY did a full review of the existing database and corrected errors.

    The client had peace of mind that these issues have been addressed.

  • Challenge: A company was looking to expand into the USA market but needed an affordable way to mail their product to USA customers.

    GHY’s Pembina warehouse provides a pick and pack service to accommodate fulfillment of small US orders, including refrigerated storage.

    Costs for shipping and customs clearance into the USA are reduced because larger quantities are shipped to our warehouse and then shipped to customers when orders are received.

  • Challenge: A large importer was looking for a provider to facilitate EDI transmission of complex import invoices/documents to address rising import fees.

    GHY was able to work closely with their IT department to formulate an EDI strategy.

    The importer realized cost savings by submitting import data electronically and significantly reducing manual data input.

  • Challenge: A Canadian importer and exporter was not taking advantage of duty drawback opportunities on products subsequently exported.

    GHY confirmed eligibility for duty drawback of the exported goods, and developed a framework to submit regular claims to customs.

    The importer recovered duty paid on goods subsequently exported, reducing landed costs.

  • Challenge: A Canadian importer of automotive parts was paying duty on off shore-sourced product.

    GHY researched the product’s intrinsic character and determined that it qualified for duty free status.

    Refund claims were approved for over $50,000 in duty paid at time of import; duty costs were eliminated on future imports of the product.