Our Story

Since 1901 – We Free Trade™

120 Years. Four Generations. One Border.

Founded by the futurist entrepreneur George Henry Young, GHY International began its operations in 1901 in Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada – long before the Wright brothers’ first flight and even before the first North American automobile was manufactured.

Young’s vision was to unbind the chains of supply, traverse borders, and help businesses overcome trade challenges. And to realize that vision, he established a customs brokerage company like no other; one that is focused on professionalism, built on integrity, and dedicated to personal services.

This is GHY. We Free Trade™. One Border One Broker™.

The Origins (1901 – 1949)

The late 1800s were times of rapid economic development and high tariffs in Canada. Global trade was booming and the need for import and export customs services was growing. George Henry Young was Chief Inspector of Customs in Winnipeg at the time. He recognized this opportunity and, in 1901, opened one of Canada’s first customs brokerage houses.

The Heritage (1950 – 1967)

In 1950, Geo. H. Young & Co. was officially incorporated, marking the start of an era of growth and prosperity. Throughout the following years, the company quickly developed to become a leading customs brokerage firm in Canada and was able to gain the trust of its customers and respect within the Manitoba business community.

The Modernization (1968 – 1988)

The company witnessed a new form of change during the second half of the 20th century. There was an infusion of new blood, as Young’s descendants and their spouses, Charles Riess and Amie Decock, joined the company. Led by the third generation of the founding family, GHY International embarked on a new journey of success through the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s.

The Transformation (1988 – 2000)

Piloted by the leadership of Richard Riess, great grandson of our founder, GHY International underwent a complete transformation in the 1980s. Riess had recognized the need to adapt to the rapidly changing world of economy and so he led the company’s adoption of technology to create new, innovative, and improved service offerings.

The Future (2001 – present)

Celebrating more than 100 years in business and 4 successful generations of leaders, GHY International has achieved incredible milestones throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Today, the company is a recognized and trusted leader in North America’s trade industry and is ready to continue its journey of success well into the future.

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