How To Guides

Read our helpful guides and find out what you need to know about trade compliance and importing vehicles and goods into Canada.

  • Trade Compliance

    Our role as your Canadian and US Customs Broker and trade partner is to inform you of the important Customs issues to be aware of, provide context and meaning to those issues, recommend strategies to consider around your compliance obligations, and finally, follow through on the choices that you elect to implement.

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  • Importing Goods Into Canada

    When you’re familiar with the requirements and responsibilities around importing, trade gets a lot simpler. We’re here to help with checklists and FAQs.

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  • Importing Vehicles

    When the Canadian dollar rises and the increasing popularity of online auction sites such as eBay, more Canadians than ever before are purchasing vehicles from the United States.

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  • White Papers

    Our White Paper series is designed to assist global traders by identifying where trade compliance fits within the context of these new realities.

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  • GST & Taxation

    Wondering if your goods are eligible for GST exemption? We can help.

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