White Papers

Our White Paper series is designed to assist global traders by identifying where trade compliance fits within the context of these new realities.

Integrated Trade Compliance Strategies

Our White Paper series offer insight into why and where global strategies may be compromised by non-compliance; and providing ideas to turn trade compliance and risk mitigation into competitive advantage.

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White Paper #1: The Case For An Integrated Trade Compliance Strategy

Our first white paper, “The Case For An Integrated Trade Compliance Strategy,” forms the foundation of the series, we outline key reasons as to why companies need to adopt a holistic organizational approach to deal more effectively with their burgeoning global scope, and the growing demands of international regulators on critical sales and sourcing activities.

White Paper #2: The Seven Best Practices of Leading Traders

Our second white paper, “The Seven Best Practices of Leading Traders,”unpacks best business approaches utilized by proactive companies to successfully navigate their regulatory compliance challenges.

White Paper #3: The Role of Corporate Leadership

Our third white paper, “The Role of Corporate Leadership”, expands on the foremost best practice of the 7 identified, which is the indispensable role of corporate leadership in making international trade compliance a vitally critical issue throughout the organization

White Paper #4: The Role of a Trade Compliance Champion

Our fourth white paper examines in more depth the second best practice of leading international traders, which is the appointment of a champion or team to oversee compliance priorities across business functions, and throughout the business cycle, from strategic planning through to business plan execution, and ongoing vigilance.

White Paper #5: Key Performance Indicators

In our fifth white paper, we examine how leading traders use key performance indicators or KPIs, to track trade compliance variables that align with their company's vision, mission, values, strategy, risk intelligence, and brand reputation.

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