Canadian Customs Brokerage

When your business depends on international trade, seamless and reliable customs clearance is key to your success.

For over a century, GHY has been helping companies of all sizes from all sectors cross the border with ease. Whether you’re new to the world of importing and exporting or an established organization with a global supply chain, GHY’s efficient Canadian Customs solutions can help optimize your trade activities.

Services that Meet Your Specific Needs

24/7 Clearance

Get round-the-clock customs clearance at any commercial port of entry, across all modes of transport.

Reporting & Analytics

Stay in-the-know and on top of your supply chain with our reporting and compliance audit verification tools.

HS Classification

Receive HS classification opinions and obtain advanced customs rulings with our seasoned experts.

Duty Recovery

Preparation and filing of post-entry duty refunds, appeals and drawbacks.


Enjoy full EDI and electronic integrations for all your trade transaction processing and billings.


File all your ACE and ACI eManifests, get entry number texts to drivers, and fax coversheets online.

Customs Self-Assessment (CSA)

Whether you are considering becoming a customs self-assessment (CSA) importer, or already are one, we can help. Find out more below.

Importations & Remissions

Let us support the management of temporary importations and remissions for various purposes.

Government Liaison

Let us take care of the details and liaise with CBSA and governmental departments on your behalf.

Infrequent Importers

Importing made easy and efficient. We help all importers free trade.

Get started here.

Port Forwarding & Distribution

Ensure full support and coordination with the local port forwarding and the distribution of your goods.

Payment Facilitation

Learn about applicable duties and taxes and let us manage payment facilitation procedures on your behalf.

Experience Dedicated Service From Our Trade Experts

Call GHY and you’ll connect with your own dedicated account service team – a group of experienced customs and trade experts, ready to go the extra mile for you and your business.

There are no call centres at GHY because we personalize our service. The more we know about your business, the better we can help. From ensuring you benefit from the latest expedited customs release initiatives at the border to minimizing the tariffs you pay while mitigating trade compliance risk, we can help transform your business opportunities into a competitive advantage.

Software Solutions to Enhance the Way You Trade

Leverage the latest GHY software tools and advanced technology to provide improved visibility as your goods move through the supply chain and gain fresh insights by turning information into knowledge you can use to help profitably grow your business.

From secure, comprehensive document imaging to e-invoicing and customizable reporting, GHY software solutions can simplify your customs processes, saving you time and money.

Ensure Trade Compliance and Security

Now more than ever, it is paramount that your products are accurately described, classified, valued and reported to Customs.

Maintaining a good compliance profile is not only a matter of avoiding costly penalties, but is critical to ensuring your shipments are not delayed at the border.

We are proud to be known as thought-leaders in compliance and border security issues and are committed to de-mystifying the often complex regulations involved with customs and international trade and sharing this information with you.

Put your trust in the experts at GHY to help you safely navigate through the rapidly changing environment of rules and regulations.

CSA Imports Streamlined

Whether you are considering becoming a customs self-assessment (CSA) importer, or already are one, we can help.

Did you know that as a customs self-assessment (CSA) importer, the process for clearing your eligible CSA goods becomes a streamlined, low risk process with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)?

As a CSA importer you gain the benefit of electronic accounting and payment processing for your imported goods, as well the ability to use trade data streams from your own business systems to fully assess and satisfy CBSA’s requirements. Resulting in no longer needing to maintain cumbersome additional, and often separate Customs processes.

Whether you are considering becoming a customs self-assessment (CSA) importer, or already are one, we can help. We offer services that are customized to your needs, including:

CSA Customs Brokerage

Our specialized CSA teams can handle all your customs brokerage needs 24/7, and/or provide services only when you require/request them.

CSA Self-Clearance Technology

We offer a fully integrated digital experience to access your account online anywhere, at any time to ensure clearance of your goods.

CSA Consulting

Our Global Trade Services Team is always eager to help importers preparing to become CSA certified. We can help you through every step of the application process.

Canadian Client Already?

Take advantage of our integrated Canadian Brokerage and U.S. Solution which allows us to provide significant efficiency and cost savings to your supply chain.

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