Better North American
eCommerce Solutions Exist

Through integrated logistics, customs brokerage, and technology, GHY eBiz offers better eCommerce importer programs for low-value and small parcel shipments into Canada and the United States.

Our solution focuses on helping B2B importers with OGD/PGA subject goods deliver a B2C model with substantial cost savings.

Canada and U.S. eCommerce expedited and easy.

With GHY’s eBiz solutions, eCommerce businesses clear shipments through customs with ease into Canada and the United States, ship direct to consumer, and ensure trade compliance with Customs.


Digital Customs Clearance

Understand import laws and leverage the right technology to better save on duty and tax.

Canadian eCommerce Solutions

Understanding imports for small package, low-value shipments in a direct-to-consumer model.

US eCommerce Solutions

Understanding Section 321 and Type 86 entry programs to eliminate duty on low-value shipments.

International Pick Up & Delivery

Be more competitive by ensuring shipments are cost-effective, timely, and trackable.

Landed Cost Guarantee Program

Ensure at the time of checkout that all costs are contained and transparent.

Seamless Returns

No one size fits all but great solutions exist to create a better return process.

The Casual Importer Advantage

Case Study


$120 Jacket – China Origin

  • Shipped B2B = $24.20 D&T
  • 18% Duty $21.60 Duty
  • Approx $2.60 Tax
  • Shipped B2C = DUTY FREE


  • B2B: heavily regulated
  • B2C: <90 day supply exemption

Up to 20% in duty & tax savings and;
Personal Use Exemption Advantages (e.g. Health Canada, Nutraceuticals, etc.)

Customer Advantage

All international eCommerce sellers have an advantage in Canada they just don’t know it.
Canada’s auditor general reported in the Spring of 2019 that the Taxation of Canada’s

eCommerce imports is leaving Canadian businesses at a disadvantage.

Understanding the duty and tax solutions for online sales and casual imports

is crucial to a robust cross-border eCommerce solution.
Find out how GHY eBiz is disrupting eCommerce shipping in Canada and the United States.

Save on Duty and Tax on Shipments to U.S./Canada

Understanding Canada and U.S. duty and tax for cross border eCommerce can be daunting, we can help.

Duty & Tax Free

$0 up to $800 USD*
*Imported from any country


Duty & Tax Free

$0 up to $20 CAD*

*Imported from any country (other than the US or Mexico)


$0 up to $40 CAD*
*Imported from US or Mexico

Duty Free

$40 up to $150 CAD*
*Imported from US or Mexico

Why GHY eBiz?

Accurate Customs Clearance

One guaranteed landed cost invoice at the time of checkout with accuracy backed by 122 Years of customs brokerage experience.

Guaranteed Service

No pickup or delivery delays with surge capacity management of transportation services and in-house customs brokerage for cross-border ease.


Competitive rates on end-to-end, eCommerce shipping solutions. We expect to save you money with low international shipping rates.


From pickup through delivery all parties have access to live shipment information.

Direct to Customer Advantage

Consumers as the importer of record enables no payment required surprises at delivery.

Calculate Duty and Tax

At the time of checkout our digital tariff classification will total landed cost and no surprises at delivery.

Canadian Client Already?

Take advantage of our integrated Canadian Brokerage and U.S. Solution which allows us to provide significant efficiency and cost savings to your supply chain.

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