eManifest Solutions

eManifest Solutions

GHY has launched a new ACI (Canada) and ACE (USA) eManifest solution - Fast, Easy and Reliable and mobile friendly as well.

If you are a highway carrier or an importer with your own trucks try our industry leading eManifest service or Fax-to-eManifest Services today. The GHY eManifest application allows you to file all your ACE (USA) and ACI (Canada) eManifests, get entry number texts to drivers and fax coversheets online. It connects you directly to Canada Border Service Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Special Note for ACE eManifest carriers, dispatchers, and other trucking company personnel:

Please be advised if truck license plate information changes, and you use DTOPS (i.e. have a border crossing decal), you will need to contact DSTOPS and update the plate information.

If your truck is set up in the ACE Portal, you will also need to update in the ACE portal.

CBP's DTOPS system is used to maintain this information.Users can purchase, renew, and transfer user fees for the transponder(s) for their vehicle(s)  or  for the decal(s) for their aircraft(s) or vessel(s).  They can  update their conveyances, company accounts, registered owners, and user access. Owners can also order a free replacement transponder; perform a user fee transfer for a vehicle, update vehicle information, and pay for the current and following year’s renewal fee(s) within a specific time frame using the link below:


The most efficient way to update your account is to use the Website. You can also contact them via phone at 317-298-1245.

Driver identification information must be updated through the ACE portal. If you do not have an ACE portal account, we strongly suggest creating one for your company.