US Shipper Solutions

US Shipper Solutions

Innovative solutions for US Import invoice information

GHY is proud to partner with SmartBorder to offer their Shipper Solution for US Imports.

Accesing the main screen is the gateway to utlizing the SmartBorder Shipper Software.  This contains links to the main modules of the application, as well as recent activity and important messages.

  • Forms – Used to create proformas, post data to broker, and print proformas
  • Transactions – Used to track shipment status and/or print customs documents
  • Tariff Picker – Tool for classifying goods in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule
  • Other Features – PDF forms, other useful links, Change Password function, etc.
  • Recent Activity – This main screen displays your most recent transactions

To see a video of how SmartBorder Shipper Works, click here!

Would you like to Read the User Manual? Click Here.

Download Instructions:

SmartBorder LaunchPad Setup

SmartBorder LaunchPad Setup Instructions (PDF)

1. Click on the download above to run the SmartBorder LaunchPad installer application that will place a SmartBorder Icon on your desktop and QuickLaunch toolbar as you choose.

2. To login to SmartBorder, simply double-click the icon on your desktop, and enter FilerCode DN2, and your userID and password as assigned by GHY.

3. No administrative rights are required to either install the LaunchPad or to access Smart Border.

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