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Trade Updates

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ACE Drawback Programming Error Affecting Certain MPF Calculations

Have you been affected by the programming error in the Automated Commercial Environment(ACE) that is preventing you from correctly apportioning drawback of the Merchandise Processing Fee when the designated entry includes goods not subject to MPF? Find out the details on this, along with steps you can take to file your claim, until this issue is fixed.

June 23rd, 2021|Trade Compliance|

U.S. and EU Agree to Suspend Retaliatory Tariffs in Airbus-Boeing Dispute for 5 Years

Following a summit in Brussels, the United States and EU countries have agreed to put $12 billion worth of retailiatory tariffs on hold for another 5 years as part of a new “cooperative framework” to resolve the long-running WTO dispute over state subsidies for aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing.

Weekly Trade Briefing: June 7-11, 2021

Find out what the latest trade developments are from CBSA workers holding strike votes over pay and 'toxic workplace culture' - to a ruling where #importers must file protests with CBP in order to preserve their ability to obtain duty refunds in connection with exclusions from Section301 tariffs, we've detailed these and much more for you here.

Supply Chain Report Calls for New ‘Trade Strike Team’ and Tougher Enforcement Measures

What are some actions you can take to strengthen your supply chain? Find out here, along with all the details on the Biden Administration's immediate action to address vulnerabilities and strengthen resilience of U.S. supply chains.

World Bank’s Temporary Trade Barriers Database Updated

The World Bank recently published an update to its Temporary Trade Barriers Database, which is the most complete accounting on the use of temporary trade barriers in the form of antidumping, countervailing, and safeguard measures across over 30 countries since the 1980s through 2019. Find out all the details.

June 11th, 2021|International Trade Issues|

Update: CBSA Seeking Comments on Budget 2021 Proposed Valuation Changes

Did you know there is a loophole that currently enables some non-resident importers (NRIs) to value their goods at a lower price than most Canadian/domestic importers? The government and CBSA are gearing up to mitigate this with new measures and CBSA is currently seeking public input regarding these measures announced in Budget 2021. Find out all the details here.

June 10th, 2021|Canada Customs, International Trade Issues|

Ford Could Face $1.3 Billion in Penalties Over Alleged Duty Evasion Scheme

What does this 'duty evasion scheme' look like - that the Ford Motor Company has allegedly used? U.S. Customs has issued a pre-penalty notice to the company demanding $181 million in duties with an additional $1.3 billion in import penalties on the horizon. We detail everything you need to know about this major story here.

EU-U.S. Summit the ‘Perfect Opportunity’ to Resolve Outstanding Disputes, Say Business Groups

What are some of the long-running trade disputes between the U.S. and the European Union causing challenges for transatlantic businesses? U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs are one of them. Find out the rest, and all the details on this upcoming summit, here.

June 1st, 2021|Trade Compliance|

Commerce Sets Final Rates for Dumped Tires from South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam

$4 billion!? Yes, a year-long review shows nearly $4B worth of tires from South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam are being dumped in the U.S. at prices below their fair value. Find out all the details on the new antidumping duty rates that may come into effect in July 2021.

May 27th, 2021|Trade Compliance|

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