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2020 Virtual Trade Week’s USMCA Session Top FAQs

Posted November 06, 2020

U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently posted the most frequently asked questions from the agency's Virtual Trade Week symposium held in September, which featured a panel discussion on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement with government officials from all three countries.
USMCA with Blocks Spelling out FAQ

Some of the questions relate to a “technical correction” to the USMCA implementing bill’s language on merchandise processing fee refunds, which has made them non-refundable for the time being until a proposed legislative fix is approved by Congress — latest reports indicate this is currently stuck in the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and may be rolled into an upcoming omnibus bill.

Other FAQs concern various changes in the USMCA from the North American Free Trade Agreement with regards to textiles and apparel such as the four exceptions to the Rules of Origin, increase in the de minimus allowance, the treatment of sets for retail sale, and special rules for Chapter 61-63 products.  

Additional questions frequently asked during the symposium covered issues such as:

  • Changes to the rules covering fungible goods and materials from NAFTA to USMCA;
  • Replacement of year-long blanket NAFTA Certificates of Origin;
  • Timeframe for responses on new USMCA binding rulings. 


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