Tribunal Finds Dumping of Mexican OCTG Not Injuring Canadian Manufacturers

Oil Country Tubular Goods (Threaded Steel Pipe w/ Oil Rig and Workers)

Trade Update • JANUARY 31, 2021

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal last week announced that its inquiry into whether the dumping of certain oil country tubular goods  imported from Mexico has been found not to be harming Canadian manufacturers.

Since the Tribunal’s finding concluded that there is no injury or threat of future injury to the domestic industry, all anti‑dumping collected during the provisional period (Sept. 28, 2021–January 25, 2022) will be refunded.

Imports of subject goods released by the CBSA are no longer liable for any anti‑dumping duties as of January 26, 2022.


Following complaints from Evraz Inc. NA Canada (Regina, Saskatchewan) and Welded Tube of Canada Corp. (Concord, Ontario) alleging the injurious dumping of certain OCTG imports from Mexico, CBSA launched an investigation on June 30, 2021.

A preliminary determination on Sept. 28 and a final determination on Dec. 22, found a 51.1% margin of dumping in the case of Tubos de Acero de Mexico S.A., (TAMSA) which accounted for 99% of imports from Mexico — and more than a quarter of OCTG imports from all countries.

Statement of Reasons

The CITT will issue a statement prior to Feb. 10, providing the reasons behind its conclusion that dumped imports of the subject goods from Mexico are not harming or otherwise threatening Canadian producers.


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