ACE Drawback Programming Error Affecting Certain MPF Calculations

CBP Computer System Error

Trade Update • JUNE 23, 2021

In a recent Cargo Systems Message, U.S. Customs and Border Protection advised of a programming error in the Automated Commercial Environment that is preventing claimants from correctly apportioning drawback of the Merchandise Processing Fee when the designated entry includes goods not subject to MPF.

Interim Procedures

Until such time as the problem is fixed, claimants that receive error code F555 ‘EXCESS MPF CLAIMED’ as a result of this specific programming error should take the following steps to file their claim:

  • Submit the claim with MPF apportioned across the entry lines that are subject to the fee;
  • Retain a copy of the ACE rejection message (limited to error code F555 — all other fatal transmission errors must be corrected by the filer.);
  • Resubmit the claim without the MPF subject to the error.

Upon deployment of the programming fix, eligible claims may be amended (see ABR section 14.13) and the MPF corrected.

Claims Rejected in Error

Claims outside the amendment period may use the copy of the ACE rejection as evidence the MPF drawback claim was filed on a timely basis but rejected in error by CBP; in such cases, CBP will allow the MPF to be amended on the goods subject to the programming error.

Need More Information

Questions regarding this issue should be directed to CBP Drawbacks.

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