Ambassador Bridge Re-opens After Police Clear Protesters

First Truck Crossing Ambassador Bridge After Being Cleared of Protesters (Photo Credit: U.S. CBP via Twitter)

Trade Update • FEBRUARY 11, 2021

Commercial traffic is once again moving across the Ambassador Bridge for the first time in nearly a week.

Shortly after midnight, the Canada Border Services Agency announced that “normal operations” had resumed at the crossing, which had been blocked for several days by anti-mandate protesters.

“We thank you for your patience and for helping us to minimize the impact of this border service disruption,” said Judith Gadbois-St-Cyr, a spokeswoman for the agency.

Police closed in on protesters after the Ontario Superior Court granted an injunction Friday barring demonstrators from blocking the bridge. Law enforcement officers from multiple localities and agencies spent most of the weekend clearing the site, making more than two dozen arrests in the process.

According to news reports, police are still heavily present in the area along Huron Church Road — the main corridor for traffic to the bridge — with access to intersections being limited to ensure protesters do not return to block the roadway.

As of Monday morning, there is no east or westbound access to Huron Church to the north of the expressway and the bridge’s Wyandotte Street West entrance is currently closed.

To access the bridge, vehicles must enter Huron Church Road south of E.C. Row Expressway.


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