APHIS ePermits Obsolete – Must Reapply in eFile

Trade Update • July 2, 2024

APHIS Portal

he USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is preparing to decommission its ePermits system. This change mandates all current permittees to transition to APHIS eFile by establishing a new account. The following crucial information has been communicated by APHIS to those holding permits issued in ePermits.

Mandatory APHIS eFile

If your permit was issued in ePermits, you are required to apply for a new permit in APHIS eFile to continue working with regulated materials.

  • Submit your new application in APHIS eFile as soon as possible to avoid delays.
  • ePermit data will not be transferred to APHIS eFile. You will need to apply for a new permit in APHIS eFile.
  • Permits issued in ePermits will remain valid until their expiration date.
  • No action is necessary for permits currently issued in APHIS eFile

Action Steps

  • Visit the APHIS eFile portal here.
  • In the “Ready to Apply” section, select the appropriate application to start your process.
  • Use your existing username and password from ePermits for eFile.

For additional support and guidance, refer to the user guides and instructional YouTube videos provided by APHIS.

This transition is essential to ensure compliance with APHIS regulations and to continue your work with regulated materials seamlessly. Make sure to act promptly to avoid any interruptions in your permit status.

For questions or concerns about the application process, please contact us.


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