BRASS Truck Shipments Being Phased Out with ACE Modernization

Transport Truck (Bulk Commodity Trailer)

Trade Update • MARCH 9, 2021

Next week, Buffalo will become the first Port of Entry along the border with Canada to fully implement the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Truck Manifest Modernization initiative.

As the new system goes live at key ports in the coming months, use of the Border Release Advanced Screening and Selectivity or BRASS shipment type—a 20-year-old program designed to expedite the release of highly repetitive shipments such as bulk commodities— will be gradually discontinued.

According to CBP, support for BRASS truck shipments will no longer be provided at those ports participating in rollout of the Automated Commercial System Truck phase deployment.

Use of the BRASS entry type will cease altogether once the legacy truck system (R4) is retired — currently planned for June 20, 2022.

CBP also advises that the bar code number (C4) will no longer be supported going forward and, therefore, an alternative entry method must be utilized.

Note: This is effective for Truck only and will not affect the use of BRASS as a shipment type for Rail at this time.

Rollout Schedule

Location and deployment date of Phase 2 & 3 of Truck Manifest Modernization:

  • Brownsville – January 31
  • Buffalo – March 13
  • Laredo – April 3
  • Blaine – April 24
  • Detroit – May 15
  • Remaining Ports – June 5


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