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C-Suite Mostly Responsible for Driving Ethics-Related Change

Posted April 12, 2016

More than 400 executives from companies around the world gathered in New York City last month for a Global Ethics Summit hosted by the Ethisphere® Institute, an organization self-described as “the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices that fuel corporate character, marketplace trust, and business success”.

The organization took this opportunity to gather insight about a few key topics in corporate integrity by asking the executives in attendance a few questions, including the following:  

1. Which of the following primarily drives ethics-related change within your company?

  • 53.33% – C-level executives
  • 21.67% – Board of directors
  • 15.83% – Middle management
  • 5.83%  –  Shareholders or investors
  • 2.50%  –  Human Resources
  • 0.83%  –  Lower level employees

2. What has been the most effective method of promoting ethical behavior at your company?

  • 43.33% – Training programs and workshops
  • 16.67% – Encouraging employees to report unethical behavior
  • 16.67% – Integrating ethical behavior into employee assessments
  • 15.00% – Internal communications or marketing campaigns highlighting ethical behavior
  • 8.33%  – Providing a straightforward incentive/reward program for ethical behavior

3. In which of the following does your company have the most room to improve?

  • 36.67% – Employee recruitment, retention and reward
  • 21.67% – Sustainability initiatives
  • 17.50% – Financial transparency
  • 12.50% – Deals with third parties or how we approach product sourcing and supply chain
  • 11.67% – None

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