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C-TPAT Validations Stopped, CBP Exploring ‘Alternative Options’

Posted May 04, 2020

In a message to Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) members last Friday, the program's Director Manuel A. Garza advised that: “While 2020 validations have currently ceased due to COVID-19, C-TPAT is working diligently to explore alternative options that will ensure the continuity and security of the validation process.”

C-TPAT Logo (New) on Background w/Coronavirus
Referencing the COVID-19 pandemic, Garza stated that “C-TPAT understands the current situation and how it is affecting disruptions in the supply chains and how the Ports of Entry must adjust to the ever-changing Government mandates and priorities.”  

New C-TPAT Developments

In other developments related to C-TPAT's response, Garza advised members that:  

  • A process has been put in place that now allows for the submission of suspension/removal appeals via email, not just through postal mail.  
  • The C-TPAT Portal continues to receive updates and bug fixes as well as receive incremental deployments to ensure a smooth transition of CBP’s new security profile.
  • Importer Trade Activity (ITRAC) data for C-TPAT Trade Compliance partners has been uploaded into the C-TPAT Portal and the Help Desk is still available to address any Portal-related needs.

Recommended Actions

Until normal operations are fully resumed, CBP recommends that C-TPAT members observe the following guidelines in the meantime:

  • Keep C-TPAT informed of any issues that may significantly impact or compromise the reliability of your company’s supply chain, including notifying your Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS) of any security breaches or incidents.
  • Examine your company’s risk assessment and business continuity plan to determine if adjustments need to be made to address the current trade environment.
  • Continue to communicate with your assigned SCSS to discuss any concerns related to your membership and provide updates on any outstanding items.
  • Periodically check the CTPAT Portal or the CTPAT website for any updates relating to the new Minimum Security Criteria, eligibility requirements, and other resources.

CTPAT Trade Compliance Members should continue to communicate with their National Account Manager.

For current Importer Self-Assessment members, assistance regarding the CTPAT Trade Compliance portal transition can be obtained via email.

Deadlines May Be Extended

Director Garza concludes by indicating that in view of the “unique situations” companies may be currently experiencing, “various program deadlines will be taken into consideration and adjusted on a case-by-case basis.” However, “it is imperative that you contact your assigned SCSS before they become significant,” Garza noted.

Need More Information?

If you have questions about measures now being taken by C-TPAT in response to the coronavirus pandemic and how they might impact your business, don’t hesitate to contact one of our trade experts today. Also, be sure to get the latest trade-related developments in response to the pandemic by visiting our COVID-19 Updates page.

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