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Canada Customs & Other Regulatory Trade Updates: August-September 2018

Posted September 24, 2018

A summary of recent regulatory updates, notifications, and technical bulletins from the Canada Border Services Agency and other federal government departments, agencies and administrative entities concerning Canadian imports and exports.

Canadian Border Services Agency

Memorandum D9-1-17: CBSA’s Determination Procedures for Obscenity and Hate Propaganda
Updated to modify the address of the Prohibited Importations Unit of the CBSA Mail Processing Unit in Ottawa.

Memorandum D19-12-1: Import Vehicles
This memo covering the legislation, regulations and general guidelines applicable to the importation of vehicles has been updated to clarify how vehicles are processed using Single Window Initiative (SWI) Integrated Import Declaration (IID) and to make minor technical corrections.

Customs Notice 18-13: Amendments to the Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff
Notification to advise of changes to the July 1, 2018 version of the Customs Tariff. Specifically, deleting the statistical suffix for tariff item 4412.99.90.20 and amending tariff item 4412.99.90.30 to add “With at least one outer ply of non-coniferous wood” rather than “, other.”

FISC 2018 SP 02: Certain Fabricated Industrial Steel Components
Notice that the CBSA has initiated a “scope proceeding” under SIMA respecting certain fabricated industrial steel components from China, South Korea and Spain, in response to a request by Shanghai Shuangyan Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co., a potential exporter of the subject goods.

LP2 2018 UP1: Carbon and Alloy Steel Line Pipe
Statutory notice that the CBSA has initiated a review in accordance with SIMA to update the normal values and export prices of certain carbon and alloy steel line pipe exported from South Korea to Canada by Husteel Co. Ltd.

GB2 2018 IN: Certain 54-inch Gypsum Board
Following a determination by the CITT that dumping of certain gypsum board from the U.S. into Western Canada has not caused harm to domestic producers, the CBSA has terminated its dumping investigation into the subject goods, effective August 21, 2018.

UWM 2018 ER: Certain Unitized Wall Modules
Following an expiry review decision by the CITT, the CBSA has initiated a review investigation to determine, pursuant to SIMA, whether expiry the Tribunal’s 2013 finding is likely to result in the continuation or resumption of dumping and/or subsidizing of certain unitized wall modules originating in or exported from China.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Meat Hygiene Directive 2018-20: MHMOP Chapter 11 – European Union
Notification that effective September 18, 2018 the CFIA will no longer be able to certify meat derived from wild cervids (i.e., deer) and that the Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures pertaining to the European Union has been updated accordingly based on the National Chronic Wasting Disease Control Program.

Meat Hygiene Directive 2018-19: MHMOP Chapter 10 – Japan
Notification that the conditions for the importation of meat products from Japan have been updated.

Meat Hygiene Directive 2018-18: MHMOP Chapter 11 – European Union
Notification that Chapter 11 of the Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures has been updated due to changes in the CFIA's Cervidae Movement Permit Manual of Procedures.

Canadian International Trade Tribunal

PI‑2018-004: Carbon Steel Welded Pipe
Following a preliminary inquiry the CITT has determined there is evidence showing a reasonable indication that the dumping of certain carbon steel welded pipe, commonly identified as standard pipe, imported from Pakistan, the Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam has caused or is threatening to cause injury or harm to domestic producers.

Expiry LE-2018-004: Thermoelectric Containers
Statutory notification pursuant to SIMA that a previous finding concerning the dumping and subsidizing of certain thermoelectric containers originating in or exported from China is scheduled to expire on December 8, 2018, unless a new expiry review is determined to be warranted.

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