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Canada Issues Additional Trade Sanctions Against Russia & Ukraine

Posted February 18, 2015

The Canadian government has announced a new round of sanctions in response to what Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls the “escalated acts of aggression” by Russian-backed fighters in eastern Ukraine. The PMO issued travel bans Tuesday against 37 Russian and Ukrainian individuals and economic sanctions against 17 Russian and Ukrainian entities.

“Canada’s position remains clear: we recognize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and will never recognize the illegal Russian occupation of any part of the country,” Harper said. “In co-ordination with our EU and U.S. partners, Canada is once again intensifying its response to the situation by announcing further sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian individuals and entities.”

The Canadian government to date has made about a dozen such announcements since the Russian military began to intervene in the conflict in February 2014.

The Russian Foreign Ministry dismissed the latest sanctions as a “lame attempt” to prevent implementation of the eastern Ukrainian ceasefire agreement. “We all hope that Ottawa will think about the consequences of its actions, which in reality further fuel an armed confrontation in Ukraine, and that it will realize the futility of pressuring Russia through sanctions,” a statement issued today said. 

Details on the new sanctions are available on the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development website here (Russia) and here (Ukraine).