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CARM – CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management; Chaos or Modernization? (Video)

Posted October 14, 2020

Video Transcript:

CARM, CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management - Chaos or Modernization?

Coming CARM chaos or modernization? It's been about 10 months since we updated you on CARM. There has been stuff happening int the background and finally last week, we got an update on the new timelines. CBSA had postponed the Release 1 of CARM due to COVID, they've now announced new dates.

  • Release 1 will be May/June 2021 and Release 2 will be June 2022.

Just to refresh your memory - Release 1 requires importers to register and delegate authority to your service provider(s) such as GHY. Release 2 is the hard part of all importers having to post their own security, if they are not doing it now. We will make sure we offer security options to you and assist you through the whole process of Release 1 and Release 2.

During the past 10 months we've seen the architecture of CARM, we continue to applaud CBSA for moving to modernize their current systems. We've had collaborative meetings both directly and through associations, we are very active in to help influence CBSA to do what's best for importers.

We do have some concerns - some of the concerns are the functionality and the opportunities the importers have now are lacking. Some of the benefits to imports are not their either in Release 1 or Release 2 - but our greatest concern is in balancing your account. All importers should be able to have access to their accounts and clearly see how their payments have been applied, and what's outstanding. And CBSA how we will move forward under CARM with balancing your account(s).

We can help you now to ensure your account is balanced and your payments are being applied correctly. Through our trade dashboard you can see clearly ahead of CARM where your payments are going - if you would like to learn more about our Trade Dashboard and access to how your payments are being applied - please reach out to us at email We will continue to provide you updates as we learn more about Releases and requirements to move over to the CARM system. We look forward to helping you as we have for the last 120 years as your trade provider. Thank you.

Interested having visibility to your trade balance/trade dashboard? Contact our Accounting Dept via email or at at 204-947-6700 ext. 244. 
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