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CARM - Take Action Now (Video)

Posted December 08, 2020

Video Transcript:

CARM, CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management - Take Action Now

Hi, we've recieved some new information regarding CBSA's initiative - CARM. First though we hope that you, your family's and everyone in your company are safe and healthy. To remind you, CARM is CBSA's new initiative in how information is transmitted to Customs for your imports into Canada. 

Phase 1 is slated for June 2021. But there's urgent action required very soon, we recommend that your most senior offier in your financial department be involved in this, plus someone who is very familiar with Customs and your imports coming into Canada.

We can help you. We've set up a website page for you to let us know who you would like us to send regular updates to. We will only send information regarding CARM. So let us know who to talk to, in this way, we can help you. Also on this website, there will be a link to book an appointment with a team member, to help provide you with more detailed information if you would like at this point.

Regardless, we will be sending regular updates to our clients, and subscribers to let them know what's the next step. The first step again is for you to let us know who to talk to, so that when it's time for you to register with CARM we can help you along the way. This isn't optional with CBSA, this will become the only way we can do business with CBSA in dealing with your imports into Canada.

For the last 120 years, we've been with our clients and will continue to be with them as we navigate this next change by CBSA.

Thank you,

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