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CBP Automated Customs Environment Updates

Posted February 02, 2015

January 2015 ACE Monthly Trade Update

This month’s edition includes: 2014 ACE User Satisfaction Survey for Trade; upcoming ACE Software Developer Session; results of ACE Deployment D – January 2015 Release; ACE Adoption Rate Monthly Report; and ACE eBond.  

ACE Development and Deployment Schedule

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has posted the January 2015 version of the “ACE Development and Deployment Schedule” to the CBP website. The “ACE Development and Deployment Schedule” provides details on when upcoming ACE capabilities will be developed and deployed into production. An updates page is also included, which lists what has changed since the last version, version 8.0, which was published in December 2014.

New ACE ABI Trade Automated Interface Requirements (CATAIR) Items

Three ACE ABI CATAIR items have been posted to the CBP website. Two documents (items 1 and 3 below) replace the same named documents on the Chapters tab located here:

1. ACE ABI CATAIR Importer/Consignee Create/Update
Updated to explain that accounts (identified with either an IRS or SSN) may now be updated using this transaction – even if the account has a continuous bond.

2. ACE CATAIR Error Dictionary
Revised the explanatory text of 2 existing conditions: B11 and B29.

3. ACE ABI CATAIR Change Record – 2015
Revised to include information about the above documents.

Account addresses may now be updated using this transaction – even if the account has a continuous bond. Updates may be made for those accounts identified with either an IRS or SSN. This enhancement was deployed to ACE on 1/3/2015.

Draft ACE CATAIR Chapter

The Draft Entry Summary Status Notification ACE CATAIR Chapter Updated for Quota Processing in ACE has been posted to the ACE CATAIR page on the “Draft Chapters for Future Capabilities” tab.

Entry summary system validations for Quota processing in ACE including the enhancements to the Entry Summary Status Notification are currently shown on the ACE Deployment Schedule for June 27, 2015 deployment. It should be noted that this schedule is subject to change – always consult the latest version posted on CBP.GOV.