CBP Issues Guidance on HS 2022 Modifications and Sec. 201/301 Duties

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Trade Update • JANUARY 31, 2021

In a pair of bulletins issued last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued guidance on the Harmonized Tariff Schedule modifications that became effective on January 27, 2022; specifically, as they relate to Section 201 duties and Section 301 China trade remedies.

Section 201 Duties

In CMS 50833017, CBP outlines the modifications made to certain classifications within the U.S. Tariff schedule subject to the Section 201 solar safeguard measures (described pages 184-185 of the U.S. International Trade Commission’s December 2021 report).

As well as identifying the specific HTS classification changes that will be impacted by the modifications, CBP also provides instructions on reporting the correct Chapter 98 or 99 HTS.

Section 301 Duties

In CSMS 50834787, CBP outlines the new Section 301 modifications made to certain HTS classifications within the U.S. Tariff Schedule (as described on pages 185-195 of USITC’s report).

A summary of the Section 301 duties and product exclusion notifications can be found here.

For questions about Section 301 entry-filing requirements, please refer to CSMS message 42203908 (Information on Trade Remedy Questions and Resources).

Note:  Regarding the treatment of both Sec. 201 and 301 entries, detailed guidance concerning the proper filing of multiple HTS on the same entry summary line when a Chapter 98/99 HTS is required, can be found here.


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