CBP Issues Guidance re Cargo Diversions at the Canadian Border

Road Maze with Push Pins (re CBP Guidance on Cargo Diversions @ Northern Border)

Trade Update • FEBRUARY 11, 2021

In light of ongoing disruptions at several major crossings along the border with Canada, effective immediately, U.S. Customs is encouraging ports of entry “to consider maximum flexibility to ensure that legitimate cargo is processed.”

Ports have been directed to “enhance communication with trade partners to identify alternate clearance locations within their area of responsibility.” Additionally, CBP states that ports should be “actively communicating with customs brokers to remedy any issues caused by entry diversions.”

When cargo is diverted to alternate ports of entry, CBP officers should accept the diversion in the Automated Commercial Environment. This process works in both the ACE Truck Manifest system and ACE Cargo Release for most shipments where the requirements of other government agencies don’t apply.

When ACE does not allow the diversion based on system edits, CBP will review shipment entry/release information to ensure there are no open enforcement or compliance holds or issues.

Otherwise, CBP advises that such shipments are to be manually released as soon as possible with information (documents, cover sheets, etc.) retained to allow for entry correction measures with brokers and importers to be taken later in a post-release environment.


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