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CBSA Trade Compliance Priority Listing - July 2019

Posted July 26, 2019

CBSA has published trade compliance verification priorities for July 2019, you can find them here.

All goods on the list for a verification of tariff classification have been on previous verification lists. However, the verification priority for Parts of Machines and Mechanical Appliances and Other Chemical Products, was released in December 2018 and results are not yet available.

Verifications are conducted on a select sample of importations within a specific time period. When non-compliance is determined, by law - importers must file self-corrections for importations of same and similar goods within a specified period of up to four years. Escalating penalties are applied as a corrective measure in cases of non-compliance.

Ensure your Tariff Database is Current
  • Review the list of priorities and compare with your product database and identify any variances.
  • Update your database with the most accurate tariff codes in the CBSA customs tariff. Verify that the end-use, origin and value are in alignment with the details of the verification list and ensure that you are making appropriate use of trade incentive programs.


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