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CFIA Implements New Horticulture Plant List and Streamlined Application Process

Posted March 23, 2015

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is implementing a new approach to issuing import permits for commonly traded plants intended for planting and propagation. Importers may now apply for permission to import all the plants on a new Horticulture Plant List (HPL) from all countries with a single entry on their import permit application form.

The Horticulture Plant List is a list of plants that may be imported from all countries other than the continental United States with the following standard requirements: a Permit to Import is required; a Phytosanitary Certificate is required; and the plants must be free from pests, soil and soil-related matter and are subject to inspection upon arrival in Canada.

The HPL was compiled by the CFIA as a list of frequently requested plants which have common, basic phytosanitary import requirements. This will allow importers who are applying for an import permit to apply for all plant taxa included on the HPL with a single application, instead of requesting each of the listed taxa individually on their permit application. The HPL is seen as a way to simplify the application process by cutting down on the time spent both completing the lengthy forms involved, but also reviewing them prior to issuing the necessary permit.  Additional information about the new process is available on the agency’s FAQ dealing with this issue.

The CFIA advises that HPL phytosanitary import updates will be communicated via a new e-mail notification service (listserv) and importers of covered products are therefore strongly encouraged to sign up for this notification service. To do so simply click here, then check the box marked “Centre of Administration – Plant Import Permits” under the heading “Plant Health policy updates” and click the “Submit” button.