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Compliance and the “Millennial Mindset”

Posted January 04, 2016

Related to the previous post concerning key trends identified by risk management firm Navex Global and more specifically, the need to address the growing problem of cynicism and pushback when it comes to matters of compliance, is that of the so-called “millennial state of mind” which is seen as being highly influential in shaping the increasingly skeptical attitude of many employees regarding various workplace issues.

The authors of the Navex white paper acknowledge that while it may still be some time before individuals from this generation (i.e., those with birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s) are the prevalent decision-makers within organizations, they already make up almost half the workforce and are expected to comprise fully three-quarters in the next ten years.

Moreover, they note that the influence of millennials is already being felt in terms of many older employees adopting their slightly jaded and non-traditional mindset. In this regard, readers are invited to visit the Pew Research Center website and take their somewhat dubious and rather stereotypical 14-item quiz to find out “How Millennial Are You?”

Some of the changes the Navex study claims can be traced to the millennial mindset include:

  • Increasing skepticism that business will do the right thing when faced with a tough decision.
  • Far more emphasis on the importance of an organization’s social responsibility and environmental impact.
  • Changed expectations about how an organization should train and how we learn and acquire information.

To help organizations come to terms with the generational attitude shift they have identified, the authors suggest that a number of key steps be taken:

  • Plan for change.
  • Assess learning styles for your organization.
  • Don’t jump to hasty conclusions.
  • Expect to be surprised.

Supporting the above points, the authors provide links to some helpful resources (here and here) offering additional insight into the attitudes of younger people in today’s workforce.

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