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COVID-19 Update: CITT Operations Continue, Timelines Unaffected

Posted March 23, 2020

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal has advised that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains open for business and that its electronic filing system is fully operational.

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In-Person Hearings Cancelled, Contact Limited

All scheduled in-person appeal hearings (case files beginning with AP, EP, EA) up to Tuesday, April 14, inclusively, are cancelled. The Tribunal says it will communicate with all affected parties to reschedule hearings.

It should be noted that while all scheduled filing deadlines remain in place, recognizing that parties may need to seek extensions, the CITT indicates such cases will be dealt with on an individual basis.

The Tribunal is also asking the public to refrain from visiting its premises without prior notice.

Scheduled Filing Deadlines to be Maintained

Procurement review cases will continue to follow their course, and scheduled filing deadlines are also being kept in place. Anti-dumping, countervail, and safeguard matters will likewise continue to follow their course and scheduled filing deadlines will be maintained.

As in Appeal cases, the CITT says it intends to deal with any requests for extension of filing deadlines “on a case-by-case basis, as the circumstances permit.”

Regarding inquiries or other matters now slated to move ahead by way of a file hearing, the CITT states that it will provide involved parties with additional information concerning the acceptable format for submissions and “modalities” of the hearing.

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