Trade Compliance

GHY discusses changes to international trade regulations and explores cutting-edge compliance strategies.

Critical Questions to Ask About Trade Compliance KPIs

Posted March 02, 2016

To conclude our series on key performance indicators, the following are five critical questions that you should consider when selecting the relevant metrics to track as part of an integrated trade compliance strategy.   

  • Does your company currently use KPIs to track trade compliance priorities?
  • Is there a clear link between your trade compliance KPIs and your organization’s values, strategy, risk management, and brand/reputation?
  • Are KPIs tracked visibly and shared regularly within your company by all parties that are stakeholders in the outcomes being monitored?
  • What are you measuring now that doesn’t actually add appreciable value to your company’s success, or serve to help protect your company from exposure to risk?
  • What are you not measuring that would potentially add value or detect potential risk?

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