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De Minimis Under the CUSMA/USMCA

Posted March 27, 2020

Why It Matters?

The following table outlines the process for goods meeting the de minimus requirement under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA aka USMCA), that may affect your business. This is in response to discussions between the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers and government officials from the Canada Border Services Agency, the Department of Finance, and Global Affairs Canada.

De Minimus Table


The definition of courier is that found in the Courier Imports Remission Order (CIRO):

  • “courier means a commercial carrier that is engaged in scheduled international transportation of shipments of goods other than goods imported by mail”; and
  • goods shipped from the US or Mexico are goods that originate in the US or Mexico or, if non-originating, have been entered into the commerce of the US or Mexico.

Although Finance is aware of the need for the revised CIRO and related OIC as soon as possible, this information will not be available until the broader CUSMA regulatory package for all federal departments is available.

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