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GHY discusses changes to international trade regulations and explores cutting-edge compliance strategies.

Does Your Customs Broker Align With You?

Posted January 29, 2019

The GHY story is a great story to tell.  Like minded people are drawn to strong stories which connect to them personally.  A strong story relates the company’s “why”.  Simon Sinek says, People buy not what you do, but why you do it.”  When we developed our ”why” of “We Free Trade” it was more than just a tagline.  This one phrase encapsulates our powerful story.  “We Free Trade™” came from talking to clients, staff and truckers, and asking them “Why GHY?”

Some days it might feel like what we do is monotonous, reactive or even just data entry.  It is so much more!  I challenged our Marketing Team to help develop a strong external message we can use in external marketing opportunities.  In our first meeting they had some ideas, and I asked ”Did you ask our clients?”  Next meeting, they came with what our clients said.  In summary they said:

  • Our service is built on each customer’s individual needs;
  • Compliance by design on each Customs entry;
  • Provide trade and compliance education;
  • Immediate access to trade advice;
  • One Border One Broker™.

What we do is more than just keying a Customs entry.  Customs Brokerage is OUR CRAFT that all GHY Associates are proud of, meaning that we truly stand behind what we do.  We make a difference in the world of trade for our clients. 

Chris Bachinski - President

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