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Dutch Economist Roasts Europeans for “Chickening Out” of Free Trade

Posted April 01, 2015

Writing in the business paper Het Financieele Dagblad, Dutch economist and provocative television personality Mathijs Bouman skewered opponents of the proposed transatlantic trade deal between the United States and the European Union by ridiculing a couple of their more paranoid tropes: chlorinated chicken and genetically modified foods. 

Clearly aiming to poison people with “every biological aberration” they can think of,  Bourman says the Americans are coming to “force their Frankenstein food on you, made from plants whose DNA is manipulated in sinister labs so our tortured earth can be exploited even more.”  

And quite unlike their supposedly risk-oblivious counterparts in the United States, Bouman claims that people in Europe only want to eat “pure chicken meat with all its living bacteria” including “thriving colonies of salmonella and campylobacter” so as to prove it hasn’t “been doused in diluted chlorine – you know, the stuff we let our children swim in every summer,” he wryly notes.  

Americans also demonstrate their “daredevil” attitude to food safety by consuming genetically modified corn and soy products, “solely on the basis that there is no scientific proof of their harmfulness.”  Fortunately, Bouman says, “here in Europe we are strictly led by fear-mongering about the unproven dangers of GM foods.”    

Click here to read the article in the English language Dutch News.