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EU TRACES System for Trade in Animals and Animal Products

Posted October 06, 2014

TRACES, or Trade Control and Expert System, is a web-based veterinarian certification tool used by the European Union for controlling the import and export of live animals and animal products within and without its borders. Run by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection, more than 26,000 users from more than 70 countries worldwide connect to TRACES in 33 languages, 24/7.

Launched in 2004, TRACES is based on a network using internet veterinary authorities of member states and participating non-EU countries. Through it, central and local authorities, border inspection posts and economics operators are linked.

TRACES sends an electronic message from the departure point to the transfer point and the arrival point to notify that a consignment is arriving. Similarly, every concerned point sends a message to other points enabling tracking and follow-up of the consignment (goods or animals) movement.

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