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Exploring Future Directions for Global Supply Chains

Posted October 12, 2015

Twenty-first-century supply chains have evolved into world-wide inter-connected supply-and-demand networks with profound interdependencies, comprising vastly more complex operations and with greater exposure to the vulnerabilities of our uncertain world.

In this keynote presentation to last week’s GLCS LogiSYM Malaysia conference held in Kuala Lumpur, global logistics expert, author and speaker Mark Millar examines why and how supply chains have rapidly evolved into multifaceted ecosystems.

Millar also highlights key supply chain shifts such as a trend beyond globalization towards regionalization, identifies the latest critical priorities for businesses to consider, and explores how retail supply chains are being massively disrupted by the “frenzied cocktail” of digital consumers, online shopping and e-commerce.

Click here for a complete playlist of videos from various sessions at the fourth annual GLCS LogiSYM Malaysia event that was organized by LogiSYM, the official magazine of the Logistics Supply Chain Management Society.