FDA Now Validating FSV Email Syntax

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Trade Update • September 4, 2021

Starting on September 4, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will begin automatically validating the syntax of the email transmitted in PG21 (ACE Partner Government Agency input record) for the Foreign Supplier Verification entity.

FDA says this system enhancement was needed owing to a high volume of entry lines being received with an invalid syntax.

The Foreign Supplier Verification Programs regulation requires the FSVP Importer email to be transmitted.

FDA encourages filers to verify that the FSV email address transmitted on each entry line is valid immediately and not wait for this enhancement in order to avoid rejects when deployed.

Filers should only transmit one valid email address — the same as in any email program. Do not include names, additional characters, etc. that are not part of the valid email address.

For questions regarding FDA ACE requirements contact:
FDA ACE Support (8AM-8PM ET Monday-Friday) 877-345-1101
E-mail: ACE_Support@fda.hhs.gov

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