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Hot Topics in Compliance

Posted March 07, 2016

To determine which topics were of critical importance to compliance and ethics professionals, the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and the Health Care Compliance Association asked compliance professionals the following question: “What are the hot topics in compliance you will be focusing on in 2016?”

Survey respondents were requested not to focus on the issues that are always hot, but those that are uniquely important.

A list of 38 potential topics was provided and respondents were requested to select no more than 10. Respondents also had the option of writing in an issue. More than 900 individuals responded.

Following are the top five “hot topics” identified by respondents as a whole.

The nature of topics and order of priority varied greatly by depending on the employer types involved, which included: in-house compliance practitioners; consultants and solution providers; multinational companies; small companies (less than $100 million in revenues); large companies ($3 billion or more in revenues); publicly traded companies; privately held companies; non-profits; educational institutions; healthcare companies; and non-healthcare companies.

Click here to download the survey results.