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How the “Internet of Things” is Transforming the Global Economy

Posted October 23, 2015

On October 21, the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution hosted a discussion on the ways that the Internet of Things, fueled by mobile broadband technologies, can have a far-reaching impact on education, American and global business, and the digital economy.

The “Internet of Things” – defined as the connection of objects to a network, and each other, without using a computer – allows unprecedented access to and connectivity across wide swaths of the world economy.

Coupled with mobile broadband networks, the Internet of Things is poised to revolutionize the world in a very brief period of time, leading to several salient questions:

  • What does this next generation of technology innovation mean for the business sector, governments and everyday Internet users?
  • How are these developments relevant to the United States’ and other nations’ efforts to reform education, support health care, reduce opportunity gaps in low income communities, and expand economic opportunity for everyone?
  • What might be the economic implications both domestically and internationally?
  • How can governments and mobile providers unlock the potential of the Internet of Things?

Speakers on the panel are: Darrell M. West, Founding Director – Center for Technology Innovation; Glenn Lurie, President and CEO – AT&T Mobility; Meredith Baker, President and CEO – CTIA The Wireless Association; John Villasenor, Nonresident Senior Fellow – Governance Studies, Center for Technology Innovation and Professor of Electrical Engineering – UCLA.