Implementation Date of New Policy on Import of Eggs and Egg Products Coming Soon

Eggs (Close-up of Tray w/ Brown Eggs)

Trade Update • FEBRUARY 25, 2021

On March 30, 2022, the policy AHPD-DSAE-IE-2001-05 – Egg Products will be replaced by Chapter 10.12 and Annex 5 of the Terrestrial Animal Products and By-products: Import Policy Framework.

Annex 5 contains an updated list of heat treatments that are acceptable for processing egg products to meet animal health import requirements. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it does not expected to be any impacts on current trade as a result of implementing the new policy and annex.

The Automated Import Reference System will be updated at the same time to reflect the new treatment requirements for processed eggs.

Note: These changes will not affect requirements for any processed egg products imported from the United States.

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