Import Deadline Approaching for Certain Off-Road Diesel Engines or Machines

Farm Tractor (e.g., Heavy Machinery Using an Off-Road Diesel Engine)

Trade Update • DECEMBER 7, 2021

Importers and manufacturers of off-road engines or machines are reminded that the December 31st, 2021 importation deadline for the last remaining transition engine timeframe is fast approaching.

This deadline applies to so-called “transition engines” (see below) manufactured in 2015 or later with a power rating over 560 kW and an interim EPA Tier4 emission standard.


Emission standards for off-road diesel engines were introduced in 2006. Under a cross-border air quality agreement, Canada’s emission standards and test methods for diesel engines are now directly aligned with those of the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.

Updated regulations that came into effect earlier this year, impose stricter standards and new requirements starting with engines of the 2012 and later model years. They apply to persons in the business of manufacturing, distributing, or importing for sale in Canada off-road diesel engines and machines, and to persons who import these engines and machines for their own use.

These standards apply to engines whether they are on their own (loose) or already installed in machines. Off-road diesel engines are commonly used in machines for construction, forestry, mining, and agriculture. Some examples of these machines include tractors, bulldozers, heavy haulers, and portable generators.

Transition Engines

Transition engines are those which meet previous emission standards (i.e. Interim Tier 4), instead of meeting the standards in place at the time they were made. Transition engines can be identified by the affixed emission control information label.

The importation and manufacture of transition engines have been allowed for two set time periods, the last of which concludes at the end of this year. Import or manufacture of transition engines must be done prior to the end of the set time frame. Also, all loose transition engines must be installed in or on a machine prior to the deadline.

Under these transitional provisions, engines that were manufactured in 2015 or later with a power rating over 560 kW meeting previous-tier standards can be imported into Canada until December 31, 2021, but not after this date.

Effective January 1, 2022, engines of any power category and model year meeting previous emission standards, instead of those in place at the time of their manufacture, will no longer be admissible into Canada.

Note: There are no provisions under the regulations that provide Environment Canada and Climate Change with the authority to extend the importation period or allow for the importation of transition engines after the deadline, regardless of the date of manufacture or the location of the engine or the machine equipped with such engine.


Importers who are bringing a regulated product into Canada or manufacturers producing such a product in Canada are responsible for ensuring they meet the applicable emission standards and administrative requirements. Individuals or companies who do not meet the requirements of the regulations may be subject to Administrative Monetary Penalties in accordance with ECCC’s compliance and enforcement policy.

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