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Importer Statement of Account – Access Your Credits (Video)

Posted November 26, 2020

Video Transcript:

Importer Statement of Account - Access Your Credits

Would you even know about a $13,000 credit on your account? Well, it turns out that 95% of Importers into Canada would have no idea!  It’s a fact that less than 5% have access to their “actual” statements.  Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) recommend Importers Register to obtain their own Statements. “Customs” even inform the Importing Community and publish on their website that Broker Statements and Importer Statements are “different” and, in fact, credits may even be available to Importers.  

In our role as an “authorized CBSA provider,” GHY can help provide you access at no cost to your actual statement. By completing five straightforward data fields (business name & number; business address; authorized contact name & information) at and you can quickly become one of the 5% of Importers who can have access to “their actual statement.”  Who knows... maybe you have a $13,000 credit available?

Act now and complete 5 fields to become one of the 5% of Importers who actually have access to their own Statement Data! 

Submit your information today and access to your accounts with CBSA:
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