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Integrated Trade Compliance Strategy: Best Practices of Leading Traders #3

Posted September 10, 2015

White Paper #2 Video Series: 7 Best Practices of Leading Traders | Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been developed to measure and report on corporate trade compliance priorities.

Reynold Martens, Executive VP of GHY International, discusses the third “best practice” in the Integrated Trade Compliance Strategy white paper describing The 7 Best Practices of Leading Traders.

Our research suggests that organizations with the most successfully integrated trade  compliance programs have established goals and objective outcomes against which they routinely measure their performance. Some companies however are also looking to other factors when determining the value of compliance.


Whatever KPIs are employed to routinely measure and report on performance, companies frequently stressed that a lack of surprises,  “certainty”, and an “absence of drama” were also considered to be valuable outcomes of the compliance team’s efforts. 

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