Prepare for CARM – Upcoming Webinars [March 2024]

Trade Update • June 17, 2024

The CARM Engagement team is offering new webinar dates for the months of June through to August 2024.

The CBSA’s Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) team is excited to offer a new series of shorter webinars dedicated to helping small and medium businesses understand how CARM may affect them while guiding them through the steps required to register on the CARM Client Portal.

Registration is required for these webinars. Please register using the link that corresponds to your preferred date/time.

Webinar Registration – Registering Your Small / Medium Business on the CARM Client Portal


Thursday June 27th, 202412:00pm – 1:00pm EDT


Tuesday July 9th, 20243:00pm – 4:00pm EDT


Wednesday August 21st, 20241:00pm – 2:00pm EDT



Wednesday June 12th, 20241:00pm – 2:00pm EDT


Tuesday July 9th, 20241:00pm – 2:00pm EDT


Thursday August 29th, 20241:00pm – 2:00pm EDT


A reminder that you can continue to access important CARM support materials on the CARM Client Portal Onboarding Documentation section.

We’re here to help you, every step of the way.

For more information on CARM please visit our webpage, or contact us by email, or phone at 1-833-GHY-CARM.


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