Proper Reporting of USDA Ag Marketing Info in ACE

AMS via ACE Concept (Potatoes, Onions, and Tomatoes with Digital Circuit Pattern & Automated Commercial Environment Logo)

Trade Update • MARCH 2, 2021

With full implementation of the mandatory reporting of U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Section 8e” requirements through the Automated Commercial Environment system—as previously reported here—now in effect, Customs and Border Protection is reminding importers that proper filing of the data for the Agricultural Marketing Service Marketing Order 2 message set (used for the reporting of previously inspected fresh potatoes, open-field/field-grown tomatoes, and onions) is needed to expedite release.

Incorrect inputting of the data will cause unnecessary delays and require an AMS, Market Development Division, Compliance and Enforcement specialist to request additional documentation from the Importer of Record.

USDA will use the requested information to attempt a manual reconciliation, to allow for a manual triggering of the “May Proceed” message to be sent from AMS’s Compliance and Enforcement Management System to ACE.

Required Data Elements

To allow for expedited release, the following data elements (with the proper formatting) are needed from the filer:

  • PG14 record (LPCO – Licence, Permit, Certificate, and Other document/s) with the same weight unit of measure as the PG29 record (Net Quantity) per entry line of regulated product
  • PG14 record (LPCO) that includes the date the inspection was performed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or Canadian Partners in Quality authorized establishment per entry line of regulated product
  • PG14 record (LPCO) that includes the CFIA or C-PIQ inspection certificate number formatted exactly as it appears on the original certificate per entry line or regulated product
  • PG29 record (Net Quantity) with the weight unit of measure as shown in the PG14 record (LPCO) per entry line of regulated product
  • PG30A (Estimated Time of Arrival within the Borders of the United States) with date and time per entry line of regulated product

CBP advises that entries which have already been filed without the data elements being input correctly, should be corrected with the proper data and re-submitted to ACE as soon as possible.


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